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MSE on the REJ "Municipal Policlinic №13" of Astana city akimat
Мы рассматриваем Вас как единое целое: Ваши мысли, чувства и тело!
Adress: Abylai khan avenue, 1. (sections 1-13) Reception’s phone: 27-44-98, 27-45-17;
Tauelsizdik avenue, 11/2 (sections 14-23) Reception’s phone: 36-10-75, 36-11-07
2.06.2017. In MSE ON THE REJ "MUNICIPAL POLICLINIC №13" OF ASTANA CITY AKIMAT a competition among medical workers on knowledge of the laws of compulsory social health insurance (CSHI) was organized.
The contest was held in 2 stages. Participants answered the following questions: What is the mandatory social health insurance system? What model of health insurance will be introduced in Kazakhstan? What are the rates of contributions and deductions? How to determine your status in the CSHI system, etc. During the selection of candidates for the title of the best speaker for knowledge of CSHI laws, the following criteria were taken into account: the number of publications in the media, active participation in outreach to the public, etc. As a result, the... подробнее
From May 31 to June 1, 2017 there has taken place the seminar is devoted on a theme: "Strategic management of human resources and modernization of medical education" in the area of UNISEF on the basis of Pak Inn hotel.
The opening of a meeting organized by UNISEF together with the Ministry health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerned an urgent problem how improvement of system of medical education. Representatives of many institutions have participated in a seminar:  World Health Organization, National chamber of businessmen, National chamber of health, professional associations, regional bodies of health care, and also from Astana and Almaty, Medical school of Nazarbayev Universitet, medical highest and average educational institutions and the scientific... подробнее
On June 2, 2017 the Sports contest-2017, among the medical organizations of Astana has come to the end.
  Within the State program of development of health care of RK "Densaulyk" for 2016-2019, on June 2, 2017 at the Central stadium of K. Munaytpasov solemn closing of the Sports contest - 2017 has taken place among the medical organizations of Astana. In the same day organizers of the Sports contest-2017, representatives of the Center FHLS have held final track and field athletics competitions (relay race) and to pulling of a rope.          It should be noted, those specialists of MP №13 have taken... подробнее
To occupy hands and to build product. Or how the children belonging to MP №13 have celebrated the International Children's Day.
In the run-up to the celebration of the International Children's Day the Service of prophylaxis and social psychological help with assistance of our art therapist Kikenova K. organized lesson by arts and crafts creativity to which the children attached to our organization were invited. During the training action children embroidered with beads, did various jewelry, and also made various products of plasticine. It is worth noticing that similar actions rally children, to formation at them development of esthetic taste of juvenile masters, diligence, assiduity,... подробнее
Last Sunday in the "Student" Park sport events were held, timed for the International Family Day, a holiday that the whole world celebrates annually on May 15.
International Family Day was proclaimed by the resolution of the UN General Assembly in 1993 and is aimed at drawing public attention to the existing problems of the family. The organizer of this sport event is the Center for the Formation of a Healthy Life in Astana. The medical organizations of the capital took part in the event, including the medical workers of the MSE ON THE REJ "MUNICIPAL POLYCLINIC №13" OF ASTANA CITY: Serimov A., Elchibaeva G., Beisembaeva N., Mokhturbay R., Rakhimova O., Sakenov O., Hamza K ., Bazarbaeva F., Shakerbekova... подробнее
On May 18, 2017 in big a conference room of policlinic No. 13 was a seminar on "COPD". Lecturer pulmonologist, associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, head of the medical Center "Medline" Garkalov Konstantin Anatolyevich.
This action was attended by medical specialists of our organization.  COPD is a disease which is the reason of mortality, the fourth on frequency in the world, poses a serious threat to health of the population. Within the next decades growth of incidence of COPD as a result of the remaining influence of risk factors and aging of population is predicted. Major factors of risk of development of COPD are:  1) smoking (both active, and passive);  2) Effects of occupational hazards (dust, chemical pollyutant, etc.) and industrial pollyutant... подробнее
Dear patients we notify you on renaming of our medical organization!
According to the Resolution of the Acting akim of Astana  city  from 4.14.2017 №106-698 RSE on the EJR “Training practice center of family medicine “Demeu” of Astana city akimat  is renamed on the Municipal state enterprise on the right of economic jurisdiction "Municipal Policlinic №13" of Astana city akimat.... подробнее
Dear patients! We notify you on work of school on preparation for childbirth Dear patients! We notify you on work of school on preparation for childbirthAt our School on preparation for childbirth we together with you will be  to learn to enjoy in every afternoon of pregnancy... подробнее
We are looking for volunteers
 Contact the Family Support Center – Tauelsizdik 11/2, office №202 Shonova Asel Bolatovna– 8 701  39 888 29 , helpline- 49-84-36    ... подробнее
«The Secret of the eight forces»
We offer you a book of the famous writer, the general director of LP "Poisk-Audit" (Moscow), author of the book series "Spirituality in the life of a business person," a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, a member of the International Academy of Science and Business Integration - Pokrovskaya Irina Nikolayevna . The book, which is called "The Secret of the eight forces" can help fill the life with true meaning, to awake the spiritual principle in a man. Awards: In the 2011, the organization headed by Irina was awarded... подробнее
Started the time of gathering for girls section  "Beadworks“ from 7 to 16 years  and adults from 17 to 80 years. For the attached population visit lessons are free!!! Office № 310 8701 -122- 04- 31 49-84-36 ... подробнее
Chief medical officer
Tolegen Tuleuuly
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MSE on the REJ "Municipal Policlinic №13" of Astana city akimat
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